Chaminuka Game Reserve, Zambia

They have a nice website and offer different kind of activities for visitors. When taking the Game Drive you will experience a nice park which they have filled with different kind of African animal species BUT they have the predators in enclosures/cages and tries to domesticate their lion cubs and cheetahs.

This made me very sad to see the animals especially the lions in small cages and not access to their enclosure 24 hours/day. The male lion can’t even be with the other lions, the only time he can meet them is when the park staff wants the male and female to mate. They could not give me the answer why they do not let the lions go out all day. For the cubsm, they wanted the government to allow them to use for tourism entertainment. I have no information today if they have the approval to allow tourist walk with the cubs as tourists can do with the cheetahs.



dscn3776 dscn3829 dscn3925 dscn3966



Wild beast family and male and female ostrich.

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Jesus bird. Got the name because it looks like this bird walks on water, when in matter of fact is walks on water lilly leaves.


Black-winged stilt.


Wattled Crane.



African Red Beak Crane.

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My love, is now the only elephant in the reserve after the death of her baby and partner a couple of months ago. They are now waiting for some orphanages that she can adopt and start a new family to save the Elephants in the wild.

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Survival of the fittest. Giraffes have evolved their long necks when reaching highest in the tree crowns will have easier to get food and therefor bigger chance to reproduce. Here are two baby giraffes.


And here is papa giraffe walking to the tree for food. They darken with age and males become darker than females, can become 20-25 years old and about 5 meters tall.

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Active during night time and sees only in black and white as lions, leopards and other predators active at night.

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dscn3582 dscn3584_moment7


The lion cubs. The reserve has a breeding program, might be to try to save the lions in the wild. These cubs and the other lions have the possibility to go out in an enclosure but is separated from the male lion who is alone. It must be very frustrating and stressful for him to be alone all the time, I just now how it is for wild animals in zoos, how stressed they become which affects their social life and can become dangerous towards the lioness when the humans want them to breed and for the staff who works and feed the animals.

The lions in South Luangwa are free, friendly and relaxed lions living both males and females together, please see the South Luangwa post under ”Zambia” -> ”Wildlife photographs”.

dscn3589 dscn3592 dscn3593

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Monkey, enjoying the shade in the tree.

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Ostrich family. In front of mama ostrich you can see the very well camouflaged chicken.

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The only antilope with both stripes and spots, they live alone and only find a partner when it is mate season.


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White hog


White hog, pumba. Very shy animal, this was the only photo I got not seeing just their backs and tale pointing strait up like an antenna. Their name is after the white mustasch and hog after the looks.

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dscn3632 dscn3636dscn3633dscn3738

Zebras. First a baby zebra and then a full grown male. The male zebras have thicker black stripes than the females who have thicker white stripes. All zebras have different printing, as humans fingerprints. In the last photo you can see a zebra family, and see the darker stripes on the first zebra, the male, and lighter on the female, walking behind their baby.

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Ending with a family of wild beasts.dscn3667

I really recommend a visit to the Chaminuka Game reserve in Zambia, close to Lusaka.