”A beautiful park!”

Animals live wild and free, and the humans working with the park wants animals and humans to live in harmony. The lodge we stay at in South Luangwa was Marula lodge, a very nice and comfortable lodge with friendly staff which makes you feel like home. Jenny who runs the lodge is very nice and will make your stay lovely.

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I really recommend the Marula lodge at South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

We went to South Luangwa by bus from Lusaka, the Jondah bus. It wasn’t a nice experience (11 hours drive) when I found out I had to renew my zambian tourist visa every 30 days (even though I had a 3 months visa).

Jondah bus is though the only bus who goes directly from Lusaka to Mfuwe, cost 220 Kwacha. I don’t recommend to go with luggage due to you can have your luggage taken or damaged; travel with a hand luggage to make your time on the bus more comfortable.

We bought three seats to make it even more comfortable and recommend it to other travellers who wants to take the bus to South Luangwa from Lusaka.

Have a lovely stay at South Luangwa and hopefully Marula lodge!